Neo-Nazi Navy Doc Joseph Cihlar Joins Beacon Health Alliance in Hixson, Tennessee

Following the release of thousands of messages from neo-Nazi Discord chat rooms by Unicorn Riot, scores of white nationalists scrambled to cover up their dirty little secrets. One of those white nationalists went by the alias “DocCLAR.” Even though DocCLAR was easily identified following the leak, this news did not receive the attention it deserved. […]

Doxing the Doxer: Neo-Nazi Active Duty Army Soldier Vince Salvadalena Doxed Antifacists After Charlottesville

Five days after neo-Nazi James Fields drove his car into a crowd of antifascist and civil rights marchers in Charlottesville, killing one and injuring nineteen, a neo-Nazi University of Nebraska student named Dan Kleves set up a Discord server called “Pony Power,” the purpose of which was to gather information on antifascist activists and “dox” […]

NCSU Declines to Discipline “Proud Boy” Employee Chadwick Seagraves

On November 17, 2020 we reported our discovery that North Carolina State University employee Chadwick Jason Seagraves was behind a massive dox of individuals whom he alleged were “antifa” or “anarchists” and members of the LGBTQ communities. Seagraves had collected personal information on dozens of individuals and distributed this collection of files on the message […]

Doxer Chadwick Seagraves Still on NCSU’s Payroll: Here’s A Glimpse of His Material

On November 17, 2020 we exposed Chadwick Jason Seagraves, who works in the North Carolina State University IT department, as a member of the “Proud Boys,” a known hate group, and as the individual who attempted to dox activists and LGBTQ persons whom he deemed to be “antifa” and “anarchists.” At least one of the […]

Doxer Gets Doxed: “Proud Boy” Chadwick Jason Seagraves of NCSU

On November 10, 2020 a Twitter user with the handle “@oto666yamaguchi” [1] and the screen name “Duncan Lemp”[2] claimed to have been “wardriving antifa rioters, letting them associate with mobile honeypots to access internet” so they could “look at their traffic.” Included in the tweet was a network diagram that outlined what the poster purported […]

Unite the Right’s “Swastika Pin” Identified as Zachary Hudson Fisher, aka Milwaukee DJ “Hdsn Acid”

(Note: this post has been updated) The 2017 “Unite the Right” rally brought hundreds of violent neo-Nazis and other extreme-right elements converging on the city of Charlottesville with intent to do harm to counter-protestors who opposed their message of white supremacy, anti-semitism and hatred of LGBTQ communities. Many of these individuals have since been identified, […]

Dallas Medina, aka “Mosin-Nagant” of the Bowl Patrol

Last October our original Anonymous Comrade put the spotlight on a Bowl Patrol associate who goes by the alias “Mosin-Nagant“: “Mosin-Nagant” was actually exposed earlier by fellow Nazi Christopher “Crying Nazi” Cantwell as retaliation for alleged harassment against him by the Bowl Patrol. He revealed that “Mosin-Nagant” is actually Dallas JN Medina of Ravenna, Ohio. […]

David Fassler Identified as “Wignasty” of the Bowl Patrol

Another Bowl Patrol regular is a white racist rapper who goes by the alias “Wignasty” and has frequently collaborated with the likes of Benjamin “Cheddar Mane” Lambert and Thomas “Hardmous” Gipson in racist musical compositions. “Wignasty’s” tracks are primarily racist in nature, but occasionally also target others within their circle of racist associates, such as […]

Ronald Andrew Evans Identified as “Uncle Dad” aka “Joseph Goebbowls” of the Bowl Patrol

“Uncle Dad” of the Bowl Patrol Another Bowl Patrol member whom we have not yet addressed goes by the alias “Uncle Dad” and has been a steady participant in the antics of the group for a long time. He is a fixture in Bowl Patrol Telegram messenger chats and has appeared in numerous episodes of […]

Andrew “Vic Mackey” Casarez at 2017 Berkeley Protests

In July we exposed the identity of “Vic Mackey,” leader of the neo-Nazi group “Bowl Patrol,” as Andrew Richard Casarez, a 27 year old Pizza delivery driver and Orangevale, California resident. As a result of this exposure, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department served a Gun Violence Restraining Order and removed a firearm from Casarez’s possession, […]