Doxer Gets Doxed: “Proud Boy” Chadwick Jason Seagraves of NCSU

On November 10, 2020 a Twitter user with the handle “@oto666yamaguchi” [1] and the screen name “Duncan Lemp”[2] claimed to have been “wardriving antifa rioters, letting them associate with mobile honeypots to access internet” so they could “look at their traffic.” Included in the tweet was a network diagram that outlined what the poster purported was a Portland “antifa” network derived from the data culled from this alleged collection of wifi signals.

Redacted tweet by “@Oto666Yamaguchi”

Keen-eyed Twitter users familiar with the technological limitations of identifying individuals as described in the tweet, however, were quick to debunk this premise. The network diagram, at best, was merely representational of publicly available data from social media networks. Nevertheless, the diagram put the spotlight on names of real people in what was obviously an attempt to bring harm and negative attention to activists, protesters and politically active people who are not in agreement with the poster.

Perhaps more alarming was the additional dox information posted by “@Oto666Yamaguchi” in the tweet. At some point this user posted links to a file download that contained extensive notes on alleged activists in the Portland, Oregon and Asheville, North Carolina areas.

The link to the file download was quickly suspended by Mega file hosting. files linked by “Duncan Lemp@Oto666Yamaguchi”

While this file of alleged dox material was quickly removed from hosting, it soon appeared at various other hosting services and torrents.

Although the download was removed, the dox material was quickly distributed through platforms like Telegram messenger.

Word spread as well among various right-leaning and right-wing internet forums, with commenters often calling for violence against the exposed individuals.

Comments found on a firearms forum thread regarding “Oto666Yamaguchi” and dox information implying violence.
Portion of a post on Gab referencing the dox material download.

We obtained this material in order to examine its contents, assess its potential for harm and hopefully pick up a clue on the person or persons compiling this information. What we found proved to be very interesting indeed.

What are in the files?

The 402.7 MB compressed file entitled “A ROSE BY ANY OTHER NAME” unzips into several folders containing PDF files and image files that contain information on alleged “antifa” and “anarchist” activists in the Asheville, North Carolina and Portland, Oregon areas. The introductory document states:

Research Conducted ~ Late 2018-19

Research Disclaimer:

Everything I am sharing here is purely as an investigative journalist interested in mapping the network of an idea, if you will. A completely unorganized, conglomeration of people who Joe Biden has assured the American people are not a threat and not an organization. So, I’m purely mapping the branches of the Idea tree. This information is shared with other citizen journalists and ​absolutely no harm should come to the subjects of this research​ from participating in lawful peaceful protests and free speech events.

I was not able to complete all the mapping. There is a core group of Rose City Antifa that all came up together. Little baby anarchists and crust punks. They brought in kids – like [REDACTED], who was probably 12-13 at the time that many of the old pics I found in their Facebooks were posted. They made the mistake of posting a Publicly visible group photo. They all show up in the YT vids from Portland riots starting 2016 and beyond.

They are surrounded by a much larger network of community activists, organizers, outreach folks, facilitators, etc. I was able to tag some of them as well. There is a huge image set that will have to go along with this. I’m not going to clean this up too much. There are lots of my personal notes here referencing their relationships and specific images. I’ll post the images to Mega as they are very important as well if you want to continue this research.

Remember, all of this was gained from my mad OSINT skills and their inept use of social media. And Facebook had different settings back then. FB has closed most of the holes I used to use.

I have tagged a lot of them as Antifa, Black Bloc, etc. Not all Antifa go out blocced up. Many are have support or admin roles. The ones I knew were into a specific thing, I’d tag them.

Take this and run with it. Write good news articles. Give the credit that is due to these heroes of the revolution!

Enjoy – R.

Although the writer states that “no harm should come to the subjects of this research,” it is hard to imagine that this information was presented for any other reason. Each PDF contains extensively researched images and links pulled from social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram, as well as information likely retrieved from internet “people search” sites with residential addresses and phone numbers. This basically amounts to a list of individuals to harm and harass.

The contents of the dump are:

  • “Rose City Antifa Starter Pack.pdf” (72 pages)
  • “Asheville NC Auntie Fa – Master file part 1.pdf” (41 pages)
  • “Asheville NC Auntie Fa – Master file part 2.pdf” (44 pages)
  • “Codename Old School.pdf” (3 pages)
  • [REDACTED].pdf (2 pages)
  • [REDACTED].pdf (4 pages)

Additionally, there are over a thousand images collected from various sources, mostly from social media networks. There is some duplication in the collection. A typical page contains a list of individuals with images and notes on that individual.

Typical page found in the dump (images and info redacted)

Although the research appears to be relatively unsophisticated social media creeping, the fact that someone is targeting these individuals is worrying. It is obvious that whoever collected this information spent considerable time and energy on this project. Also of note is the author’s particular concentration on members of the LGBTQ community, who are often described with slurs and disparaging terms.

Example of a page in which LGBTQ individuals are described in disparaging terms.
The author of the document seemed to be peculiarly fixated on the supposed sexual activities of his subjects.

This particular fixation on the LGBTQ community will play a role later in our investigation.

Accompanying the PDF files are folders of images compiled by the creeper. We used an image metadata utility to pull the metadata from these files and examine them. For context, metadata is basically “information about information.” For an analogy, if a letter you write is the data, the addressee written on the envelope in which you mail the letter is the metadata. Files on your computer commonly have metadata to assist or enhance functionality. When we extracted the metadata from the 2,141 files in the dump we found that 1,446 of them were XMP tagged with a creator name “Chadwick Jason Seagraves.”

Metadata extracted from the files in the dump pointed to a new lead.

To put it in perspective, 67.5% percent of the total files in the dump, a significant portion, can be attributed to a device or software associated with this name. Therefore it is fair to say that this name was worth checking out. We at the Anonymous Comrades Collective, however, do not jump to conclusions. We proceeded to investigate this lead.

Who is Chadwick Jason Seagraves?

We located a “Chadwick Jason Seagraves” residing in Garner, North Carolina. He is an employee of North Carolina State University in Raleigh, North Carolina where he works in IT for the university’s libraries.

(L) Photo of Seagraves from (R) Public LinkedIn profile belonging to Seagraves

But we can’t assume that the name “Chadwick Jason Seagraves” is unique, or that this individual had anything to do with the doxes. And it is, of course, possible that someone may have used his computer or software. It was necessary for us to determine how his name fit into the scenario. While examining the contents of the collection, however, we came across something that opened up our investigation considerably.

What we found was a screen shot image of a Twitter post that referenced other images included in this same collection. This tweet was a dox of minor by a Twitter user using the handle “@roostersghost” and the image metadata indicated that it was created at or just after the tweet was posted. According to the metadata, the creator of this file, like many of the others, is tagged “Chadwick Jason Seagraves.”

This image file was included in the collection of dox images. Sensitive portions redacted, Twitter poster highlighted in red.

As mentioned, the images posted in this tweet are also included in collection of images in the dump.

White redactions with black border by us. Red markup at top and black redaction at bottom right by the creator of the image. The original image was found in the collection as well as a post on Twitter by “@roostersghost
We can reasonably conclude that the compiler of the dox material and the owner of this Twitter account are likely the same person.
Other posts also indicate a link between @roostersghost and the dox compiler, such as this one where @roostersghost replies to internet troll and conspiracy theorist Jack Posobiec that he has a “large amount of info on Portland Antifa [that] can be made available…”

Looking through the Twitter timeline of  @roostersghost, who claims to be located in North Carolina according the bio, we see that he has some interesting things to say about people of color, social justice activists, and perceived leftists. For example, in this tweet @roostersghost refers to young African-American men as “joggers,” a racist reference to the killing of Ahmaud Arbery:

@roostersghost, much like the compiler of the dox information, also has a fixation on the LGBTQ community:
@roostersghost‘s bigotry is not surprising since he admits to being a member of the extremist group “Proud Boys.”
What links @roostersghost to Chadwick Jason Seagraves, however, are the several examples of personal information posted by @roostersghost in his tweets. In this tweet (assuming he mis-typed “younger”) @roostersghost indicates that his wife is eight years younger than he is.
We have confirmed through public records this is the case for Chadwick Jason Seagraves. He was born in 1974. His spouse was born in 1982.
In this post @roostersghost mentions he has a 2-year-old daughter:

We have confirmed that Chadwick Jason Seagraves does indeed have a daughter that would have been two years of age at the time of this post. @roostersghost also posted the name of his daughter (which we have redacted) in this tweet:

We have redacted the image in the post in an effort to avoid an obvious connection to a minor’s given name. To put the post in context, @roostersghost is making commentary on the ethnicity of a fictional video game character that shares the name.

We have confirmed this name by examining social media posts of persons in Chadwick Seagraves’ personal circle.

In consideration of the information we have examined we are reasonably confident with naming Chadwick Jason Seagraves of Garner, North Carolina as both Twitter user “@roostersghost” and the compiler of the dox materials disseminated by Twitter user “@Oto666Yamaguchi.”

Chadwick Jason Seagraves in a 2017 mugshot.
Chadwick Jason Seagraves in 2014.
Chadwick Jason Seagraves, 2020
Chadwick Seagraves, 2014. Earring, right ear. Tattoo, right forearm.
Favorite hat.

This is Chadwick Jason Seagraves

As we mentioned earlier in this report, Chadwick Seagraves is an employee of North Carolina State University, working at NCSU campus IT as a Technology Support Services Desktop Support Team Manager. Examining the time-date stamps in the metadata of images tagged with his name it appears that he spent much of his time at work creeping on people instead of attending to the IT needs of the NCSU library system.

Funny, we were about to ask Chadwick that same question.

Now that we are aware that Seagraves is also the owner of the “@roostersghost” Twitter handle another troubling fact comes to light. On at least one occasion it appears that Seagraves doxed a student at his own university.

Seagraves doxed a student at NCSU, the same university where Seagraves works.

Seagraves began work at NCSU libraries in 2009. Being an experienced library systems analyst one would expect that Seagraves would have a better understanding of digital metadata, so it is with much irony that he slipped up with his own metadata.

Chadwick Seagraves in 2010, just after beginning employment at NCSU.
I never metadata I didn’t like.

Seagraves seems relatively quiet on social media regarding his affiliation with the Proud Boys hate group, possibly in consideration that it may affect his employment with a state university.

Seagraves with family. Note “UHURU” on t-shirt, a phrase commonly appropriated by the Proud Boys.

On Twitter, however, where he is (was) relatively anonymous, he is more vocal about his affiliation.

In fact, we found an archived tweet from Dec 12, 2017 in which Seagraves’ Twitter bio read “State President: NC Proud Boys Official.”

Archived raw tweet in JSON format

And we managed to find Seagraves at a 2017 Proud Boys rally in Chapel Hill, North Carolina chatting up neo-Nazi attorney and attorney-for-neo-Nazis Augustus Sol Invictus.

2017, Chapel Hill, NC; Proud Boys/FOAK rally; L: Augustus Invictus (red);R: Chadwick Seagraves (yellow), Invictus (red).
Note earring, right ear, favorite hat.

Considering all these facts, we feel that Chadwick Jason Seagraves of Garner, NC is a danger to our communities and a danger to the community of North Carolina State University, where he is employed. He has expressed violent racist, homophobic and transphobic views and is a member of the known hate group the Proud Boys. Furthermore, Chadwick Jason Seagraves compiled and disseminated extensively researched personally identifying information on persons for the purpose of harm or harassment.

Please write, call or email North Carolina State University and NCSU Libraries to inform them that their library services team leader has been using work time to creep on people and dox university students. [CORRECTION/UPDATE: we have been informed that Chadwick Seagraves is no longer affiliated with NCSU Libraries but is instead employed by NCSU campus IT as a Technology Support Services Desktop Support Team Manager]

Conclusions and further questions

In this report we have provided reasonable evidence that Chadwick Jason Seagraves is the individual behind the collection of dox material disseminated by the Twitter user “@Oto666Yamaguchi.” There were no sophisticated techniques in his research; only time on his hands and a monomania regarding alleged “leftists,” persons of color and LGBTQ individuals.

However, this still leaves the question about the identity of “@Oto666Yamaguchi” unanswered. We do not believe that Seagraves was the person behind this Twitter account, though he may have been working with this person. We expect that further information will come to light in the near future.


Thanks go out to our friends @utah161 and a special anonymous comrade for their contributions.


Unite the Right’s “Swastika Pin” Identified as Zachary Hudson Fisher, aka Milwaukee DJ “Hdsn Acid”

(Note: this post has been updated)

The 2017 “Unite the Right” rally brought hundreds of violent neo-Nazis and other extreme-right elements converging on the city of Charlottesville with intent to do harm to counter-protestors who opposed their message of white supremacy, anti-semitism and hatred of LGBTQ communities. Many of these individuals have since been identified, forcing them to face public scrutiny for their actions, yet some seem to have slipped through the cracks. One of these individuals is a person whom we refer to as “Swastika Pin,” due to the enamel Nazi pin he wore on his shirt at the rally.

“Swastika Pin” was one of the more violent participants in the rally and he has eluded identification for three years, but now we have uncovered his identity. In this article we will provide the background of this individual’s neo-Nazi activities as well has his true identity and current activities.

“Swastika Pin”

“Swastika Pin” was a very visible participant in the the “Unite the Right” rally and was prominent in the Vice News production “Race and Terror” where he could be seen marching with a crowd of neo-Nazis wielding torches and chanting “Jews will not replace us” on August 11, 2017.

Still from the Vice News segment “Race and Terror.” “Swastika Pin” in white shirt.
“Swastika Pin” (in yellow border).

Activist and data scientist Emily Gorcenski came face-to-face with his hatred as he shouted inches from her face and assaulted her and others. She captured the incident on video and posted it here. We have clipped a portion of her video for viewing here (note: video may be unsupported in mobile browsers):

Alarmingly, there is evidence that “Swastika Pin” planned to commit acts of violence at the rally as indicated by these screen shots from organizer Jason Kessler’s live stream:

Screen shots of comments from “Unite the Right” organizer Jason Kessler’s live stream, “Swastika Pin” writing as “Hudson Vandal.”

Another screenshot of a comment made by “Swastika Pin” (writing as “Hüdson La’Beauxl”) on Facebook also indicates that he intended to commit violence upon Emily Gorcenski, this time implying that he would kill her.

“Swastika Pin” was also prominent on the next day of the rally, August 12.

“Swastika Pin” in yellow border.

“Swastika Pin” bordered in yellow. Note “Mosin-Nagant” (Dallas JN Medina) in black on the right.

“Swastika Pin” wasn’t shy about his violence that day either, as evident by this interaction with neo-Nazi Christopher Cantwell:

— Jack Smith IV (@JackSmithIV) August 13, 2017

Emily Gorcenski had done significant research on this individual and found several clues to his identity that would prove to be critical later, such as the fact that “Swastika Pin” was likely a Florida resident and likely had ties to the city of Winter Haven.

In fact, it was Emily Gorcenski who coined the moniker “Swastika Pin,” but he has used a variety of aliases across the internet, such as “Hudson Vandal,” “James Hudson Vandal” and variations of those names, as well as variations of “Kovalev.” In the Discord leaks provided by Unicorn Riot he can be found using the handle “subhuman” as he chatted with fellow neo-Nazis. In one of his early posts “subhuman” points out that he appears in the Vice News segment.

In the invite-only Bowl Patrol Discord chat fellow neo-Nazis, such as “Tactical Bowlcut” (Robert Kehne Moeller) and “Vic Mackey” (Andrew Richard Casarez), members of the “Bowl Patrol,” even altered images of him, placing bowl-style haircut images on his head along with a headband that reads “kill Jews,” a sign of his acceptance into the Bowl Patrol circle.

Image posted on Discord by “Vic Mackey” (Andrew Casarez) altered with bowl cut and “kill Jews” headband placed on “Swastika Pin’s” head. [link]
The Bowl Patrol, as we have written about in earlier articles, is a loose organization of neo-Nazis who admire the racially motivated mass murderer Dylann Roof.

Another altered photo, this one by “Tactical Bowlcut” (Robert Kehne Moeller). [link] Note the tattoos.
Photo altered with bowl cuts by “Vic Mackey”/Andrew Casarez, posted on Discord [link]. “Swastika Pin,” center; “Tactical Bowlcut”/Robert Kehne Moeller, seated; James Michael Gallagher, right.
“Swastika Pin” also seemed rather good friends with a racist named James Michael Gallagher. Here are the two together in a photo taken by Moeller in a Charlottesville hotel room arranging bowl cuts.

More on Gallagher may be found here.

Gallagher and our “Swastika Pin.”

Discord user “Erika” (Erica Joy Alduino) posted a photo in which “Swastika Pin” participated in a demonstration with other well-known neo-Nazi figures. This took place in front of the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida where a mass shooting had occurred nearly year prior.


At some point “Swastika Pin” had visited neo-Nazi William Fears (“Antagonizer”) in Austin, Texas.

Will Fears in foreground. “Swastika Pin” in background performing a Nazi salute. [link]
We know the two were fast friends from a post on William Fears’ Instagram account that shows them posing together, along with other neo-Nazis in a fight gym.

Instagram post from account belonging to William Fears (grey shirt). “Swastika Pin” in a bright blue shirt. Another known neo-Nazi, Joffre Cross, is in a black shirt.

Much of “subhuman”‘s discussion in the Discord leaks had to do with a white supremacist who wished to leave the movement and decided to go public. This person provided an “Ask Me Anything” post on Reddit and provided a link to a video in which members of his group had gathered and chanted “gas the k*kes.” “subhuman” states that he was in this video and states as well that he started the chant.

Examining the video, we can indeed find “Swastika Pin” or “subhuman” present.

The distinctive profile of “Swastika Pin” is immediately identifiable.

Cropped still from the Vice News segment “Race and Terror.”
Still from the Vice News segment “Race and Terror.”
Cropped photo from a Facebook post.

Aside from private Nazi chat rooms, “Swastika Pin” also used aliases on conventional social media platforms to spread hateful memes and rhetoric. Here he is on Facebook as “Hüdson La’Beauxl” (presumably pronounced “bowl”) posting anti-Semitic sentiment:

On another Facebook account, “Swastika Pin” poses with neo-Nazi podcaster “Mike Enoch” (Mike Peinovich).

In a Twitter post he mocked the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting on the one-year anniversary of the event. He was also here two days earlier at the banner event mentioned earlier.

In another post “Swastika Pin” does the “white power” hand signal while kneeling next to a “RAHOWA” bumper sticker. For those unaware, “RAHOWA” stands for “Racial Holy War.”

He also provided music for the right-wing podcast “Paranormies” as “Hudson Vandal.”

Could it be that “Swastika Pin” might have some musical talent or skills? We’ll have our answer later in this article.

Following the 2017 Charlottesville rally, “Swastika Pin” kept a low profile, perhaps fearful that he would be held accountable for his actions during the event. We found this Facebook profile in August of 2019. In this account, “Swastika Pin,” now going by the alias “Hudsen Zuccsby,” posted a photo of himself sporting a bowl-style haircut, an indication that he still was still a fan of the murderer Dylann Roof. This account was Facebook “friends” with an account used by James Michael Gallagher, indicating that they were still friends during this time.

We could tell from his past behavior online that “Swastika Pin” was comfortable with using variations of familiar user names across his social media accounts. One social media account, however, proved to be especially fateful for this neo-Nazi-in-hiding. “Swastika Pin” had an Instagram account under the name hudsonacid (archive) on which he posted several images of himself and, aware of his user name preferences, we searched for variations of this user name, which led us to another Instagram account, one that would lead us to the eventual discovery of “Swastika Pin”‘s true identity.

Instagram account “hudsonacid”


The Instagram account “hdsn_acid” (archive) was immediately recognizable as belonging to our target since he posted many images and videos of himself, many of which display his distinctive collection of tattoos. After locating his new Instagram account we located his new Facebook account (archive).

Instagram post from “hdsn_acid” Note the tattoos on chest and middle finger.
Facebook post from “HDSN ACID” Note torso tattoos on display.

From the information on this account we learned that “Swastika Pin” had relocated from his native Florida to Milwaukee, Wisconsin and had become a music DJ and composer of electronic dance music. Calling himself “Hdsn Acid,” our “Swastika Pin” had performed at a number of festivals and was garnering a following among EDM afficionados. In fact, some of his musical colleagues were persons of color and likely unaware of his violent racist past. It appeared that “Swastika Pin” was determined to appear to be anything other than the violent neo-Nazi that he was.

Post on Facebook by a musical colleague.
“Hdsn Acid” posing with fans on Instagram.

In August “Hdsn Acid” celebrated the release of a single entitled “Can U Hear Me Now?” on the music platform Soundcloud, as well as commercial internet music markets like iTunes and Spotify. He also announced a new EP album entitled “Libra” due for release on October 2, 2020 in the bio portion of his current Instagram page.

We now knew what “Swastika Pin” had been up to recently and we knew his location as well. What we did not know was his full legal name, but this was not far off.

Having a look at Spotify’s information on Hdsn Acid’s single provided us with the songwriting credits for this song: “Zachary Fisher.” Knowing he was likely from Florida we searched the state’s public records and found our man: Zachary Hudson Fisher of Winter Haven, Florida.


The violent neo-Nazi whom we have come to know as “Swastika Pin” was, in fact, Zachary Hudson Fisher, born October 2, 1989 from Winter Haven, Florida. We had postulated that “Swastika Pin” was astrologically a Libra, since he has a Libra tattoo on his stomach, and thought it possible that the release of his album, October 2, might be his birthday. Our findings confirmed that this analysis was correct. Furthermore, “Swastika Pin” followed his modus operandi of repurposing familiar names, in this case his middle name “Hudson.”

Looking back through his history on the internet we see that Fisher had experience in amateur music production and a few minor run-ins with the law.

Fisher’s mugshot and arrest details found on a mugshot website.
Fisher’s mugshot and arrest details found on a mugshot website.
Zachary Hudson Fisher’s profile on
Zachary Hudson Fisher as “Fisher on the Beat” on
Zachary Hudson Fisher’s Myspace page.

How Zachary Hudson Fisher initially got involved in white supremacist movements is beyond the scope of this article, but we feel that in light of the violence he demonstrated at the “Unite the Right” rally, his hateful online rhetoric and the fact that he seems to think that he has escaped the consequences of his past actions leads us to believe that he is still a danger to our communities.


d.o.b. 10/2/1989

From Winter Haven, FL; Currently in Milwaukee, WI

Currently DJs under the name “Hdsn Acid”

Many thanks to our friends @ Utah161 on Twitter and the many anonymous comrades who have contributed to this research either directly or indirectly.

Update, 30 September 2020

Fisher has issued public statements on his Facebook page regarding our findings which may be found here [archive] and here [archive]. While we at the Anonymous Comrades Collective believe that everyone is valuable and has the ability to change for the better, we find Fisher’s statement to be insufficient given the level of violence he showed at the “Unite the Right” rally and considering how immersed he was in white supremacist movements.

For one, Fisher seems to be expecting instant redemption despite not putting in the work to show that he has changed. Secondly, Fisher is shifting blame, citing his drug abuse and claiming that he was a “victim” of violence at the rally, a rally that at which he and other white supremacists intended to instigate violence. Thirdly, he and his defenders have made claims that aspects of our research had been fabricated. This is untrue. To be clear, the only alterations of any photos in this article were 1) markup to point out the subject of the photo in context and 2) cropping and/or redactions to protect privacy.

Fisher cites some of the altered or “photoshopped” photos that include a “bowl cut” in them; these are altered photos and we believe we have sufficiently explained who did these and why in the article. He also claims the threats of violence are faked:

This is untrue. They are unaltered screenshots of statements he made on publicly visible social media.

Fisher’s significant other of “5 years” has been vocal in defending him (although her statements are public we will not identify her here). She has brought forth suspicion that some of Fisher’s social media accounts have been “faked.”

We are not aware of any fake Instagram or Soundcloud pages attributed to Fisher. All of the accounts cited in the article, to the best of our knowledge, belong to Zachary Hudson Fisher.

Again, we hope that Fisher will one day have the self-awareness to enable true personal growth, but it is evident by the response to his exposure that he is not willing to take full responsibility for himself. There indeed have been individuals who have made tremendous efforts to escape hateful ideologies. Fisher’s attempt to talk his way out of his past is an insult to those admirable individuals who have truly left the hate.

Zachary Hudson Fisher (left) side-by-side with white supremacist leader Evan Mclaren (right) at the “Unite the Right” rally in 2017. Fisher’s proximity to such high-profile individuals in white supremacist movements is indicative of how deeply he was immersed in hateful ideologies.
Zachary Hudson Fisher posing with rifle.

Dallas Medina, aka “Mosin-Nagant” of the Bowl Patrol

Last October our original Anonymous Comrade put the spotlight on a Bowl Patrol associate who goes by the alias “Mosin-Nagant“:

“Mosin-Nagant” was actually exposed earlier by fellow Nazi Christopher “Crying Nazi” Cantwell as retaliation for alleged harassment against him by the Bowl Patrol. He revealed that “Mosin-Nagant” is actually Dallas JN Medina of Ravenna, Ohio. At the time, Medina did not seem to0 disturbed by this exposure, as expressed in one of his now-suspended Twitter accounts:

In fact, in numerous public Telegram messenger chat posts he seemed more miffed that we didn’t present a more current photo of him in our tweet.

He will surely be interested to know that we have more current photos and news about him. But first, some background on Dallas “Mosin-Nagant” Medina.


Using the alias “Mosin-Nagant,” naming himself after an antiquated Russian bolt-action rifle, Dallas Medina was a frequent associate of the Bowl Patrol and appeared on several episodes of the “The Bowlcast,” the Bowl Patrol’s irregularly produced podcast.

Promotion for “The Bowlcast” on Telegram messenger

Medina also frequently associated with the Bowl Patrol in Telegram messenger chats where he exchanged violent, racist rhetoric and memes with other Bowl Patrol members such as Andrew “Vic Mackey” Casarez, whom we exposed earlier.

An exchange in a public Telegram messenger chat; Dallas Medina writing under the pseudonym “Mahzin” and Andrew Casarez writing as “Vic Mackey.”

Medina also played an instrumental role in the feud between Cantwell and the Bowl Patrol. It was he, together with a person named “Cassie” who was Cantwell’s call screener, who opened Cantwell’s radio show to phone pranks from the Bowl Patrol.

Telegram user “E.B.” thanks “Mosin-Nagant” (as “Mahzin”) and “Cassie” for their prank.

But before Medina involved himself with the Bowl Patrol, he had served in the US Army at Fort Drum, New York. It seems, however, that his experience in the military was not to his liking, as indicated in this public Telegram messenger chat post:

After his discharge in 2015 Medina was active in white supremacist movements, as he expresses in in leaked Discord chats collected by Unicorn Riot. …

…and in public Telegram messenger chats.

The “Ted” he refers to in the above screen shot is Missouri neo-Nazi Ted Von Nukem (name legally changed from Ted Landrum), who was exposed following his appearance at the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally in 2017.

Ted Von Nukem (within yellow border) at Charlottesville rally, 2017.

Dallas “Mosin-Nagant” Medina was also present at that rally, as he notes here in a Discord chat:

Before the rally, Medina posted on the Daily Stormer website that he would be coming and what he would be wearing.

Images from the event proved this to be true.

Medina (within yellow border). Photograph (c) Rodney Dunning, posted under fair use.
A group of racists participate in a torch lit march through the University of Virginia campus ahead of the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, VA, U.S., August 11, 2017. Dallas Medina within yellow border. Ted Von Nukem in black on the right.

Dallas Medina arguing with journalist about a “white genocide” conspiracy theory.

We can also find Medina in the Vice News segment “Race and Terror” standing behind his then-hero Christopher Cantwell.

Dallas Medina (bordered in yellow) supporting Christopher Cantwell in the Vice News production “Race and Terror.”

He seems to be proud of his participation in the event as we see here in an argument with fellow racist Louis Jeffery Giovingo, aka “Southern Dingo” on Telegram messenger where he calls himself a “veteran” of Charlottesville.

“Hitler would be proud of me.”

More recently, Medina has been working as a line-clearance arborist, clearing trees and foliage from electrical lines in his native Ravenna, Ohio area of Portage County, as he explains in public Telegram messenger chats.

He seems to enjoy his job.

Despite the fact that Dallas Medina seems to enjoy his job, other statements he makes leads us to believe that he is a danger to our communities and the public should be aware of his presence.

Statement by Dallas Medina on Telegram messenger.

Medina also seems fixated on spreading violent and gory real-life execution and murder videos, which gives us a disturbing glimpse into his mentality.

Post by Dallas Medina featuring violent, real-life execution videos.

It could also be argued that he is a danger to himself and others around him. Here he demonstrates his irresponsibility regarding firearms as he points a loaded handgun at his groin.

Post by Dallas Medina in a public chat on Telegram Messenger.

On another occasion he posted a video of himself and another unknown person firing a pistol into a body armor panel in the basement of his residence.

Overall, Medina indicates that he is disillusioned in white supremacist movements as a whole, but is still willing to engage in violence.


Dallas JN Medina (d.o.b. 4/19/1992) of the Ravenna, Ohio area has a long history of violent racist rhetoric and, as evident by his participation in the racist 2017 Charlottesville rally, has demonstrated a propensity for physical violence. Although the activities of his long-time compatriots in the Bowl Patrol have been greatly disrupted by the exposure of their leader Andrew “Vic Mackey” Casarez, Dallas Medina’s racism and violent fantasies continue. Therefore we feel he is still a danger to our communities.

Dallas Medina, aka “Mosin-Nagant,” March 2020.
Dallas Medina, aka “Mosin-Nagant,” February 2020.


Special thanks to our friends @ utah161 on Twitter for their contributions to this report.

David Fassler Identified as “Wignasty” of the Bowl Patrol

Another Bowl Patrol regular is a white racist rapper who goes by the alias “Wignasty” and has frequently collaborated with the likes of Benjamin “Cheddar Mane” Lambert and Thomas “Hardmous” Gipson in racist musical compositions.

“Wignasty’s” tracks are primarily racist in nature, but occasionally also target others within their circle of racist associates, such as “Astrology Nazi” Amber Ciarolla aka “Morrigan Carrick” of Modesto, California in the Wignasty/Harmous joint “Openbite Mama,” or in tracks against Christopher “Crying Nazi” Cantwell, with whom the Bowl Patrol have a running feud.

“Astrology Nazi” Amber Ciarolla was the topic of Wignasty’s song “Openbite Mama.”

In recent months “Wignasty” has found himself embroiled Nazi Telegram messenger drama as he was apparently doxed in retaliation for an unclear transgression. By the time we were aware of this his dox had been deleted from Telegram, but it doesn’t matter since we figured out who he is anyway.


During his time on Telegram, “Wignasty” had dropped numerous nuggets of personally identifying information in casual conversation, notably that he was located in the Eastern Standard Time zone portion of Kentucky. He also enjoyed showing pics of previous vehicles he had owned. In this conversation in a public Telegram chat “Wignasty” (posting under a slightly different name) posted photos he found going through an old hard drive of his.

Post by “Wignasty” in a public Telegram chat.

In these photos several feature his dog.

Post by “Wignasty” in a public Telegram chat.


Post by “Wignasty” in a public Telegram chat.


Post by “Wignasty” in a public Telegram chat.


Post by “Wignasty” in a public Telegram chat.

We also learn that “Wignasty” is divorced:

Post by “Wignasty” in a public Telegram chat.

We at the Anonymous Comrades Collective have long memories, however, and recalled a prolific poster on the Discord leaks collected by Unicorn Riot who went by the name “fassel.” “fassel” had generously provided his real name in one of the posts.

This is corroborated by a now-defunct website that is still available for viewing on that exposed members of the Traditionalist Worker Party (TWP).

He also enjoyed posting many photos of himself, …

…some of which feature elements we have come to be familiar with.

“fassel” posted a photo of his driver’s license indicating that he was a resident of Kentucky:

“fassel” also liked to post pics of his dog…

…which bears a striking resemblance to the dog that “Wignasty” posted in the Telegram messenger chat.

Above: photo posted on Discord by “fassel.” Below: photo posted on Telegram by “Wignasty.”

and like “Wignasty,” “fassel” had also been divorced.

We can reasonably conclude that both “Wignasty” and “fassel” are David Fassler of Covington, Kentucky, by way of Cincinnati.

Fassler was also fond of posting photos of his weapons on Discord which, in light of his violent racist ideology, is concerning.

Fassler has recently expressed some disillusionment regarding racist movements, as expressed in this public Telegram chat with fellow Bowl Patrol participant “Mosin-Nagant,” otherwise known as Dallas Medina of Ravenna, Ohio:

Nevertheless, this despondency doesn’t erase his existing racism or negate his active racism in the past. With consideration to the collection of weapons available to him and his violent racist ideology we feel that he is still a danger to our communities.


Ronald Andrew Evans Identified as “Uncle Dad” aka “Joseph Goebbowls” of the Bowl Patrol

“Uncle Dad” of the Bowl Patrol

Another Bowl Patrol member whom we have not yet addressed goes by the alias Uncle Dad” and has been a steady participant in the antics of the group for a long time. He is a fixture in Bowl Patrol Telegram messenger chats and has appeared in numerous episodes of the Bowl Patrol’s intermittent podcast “The Bowlcast.”

A promotion for “The Bowlcast” on Telegram messenger.

“Uncle Dad” is also a prolific poster of memes that celebrate racial violence and mass murderers.

Meme posted by “Uncle Dad” on his Telegram channel.
Meme posted by “Uncle Dad” on his Telegram channel.

It is also concerning that “Uncle Dad” frequently encourages mass violence, an example of which is this statement he made in a public Telegram chat:

“Uncle Dad” writing as “Crunkle Dabs” on Telegram messenger.

Identifying “Uncle Dad”

When we previously exposed Benjamin Lambert as Cheddar Mane” and Thomas Gipson as Hardmous” there was another name that caught our attention. A certain “Ronald Evans” had signed as one of the organizers of Lambert’s limited liability company “Lambert Technology Solutions.”

“Ronald Evans” is also interesting because a “Ronnie Evans” had reacted to a post on the Facebook page of Andrew Casarez, whom we exposed to be Bowl Patrol de-facto leader “Vic Mackey.” It was clear to us that this Ronald “Ronnie” Evans had some connection to the Bowl Patrol.

That connection became clearer when examining the public Telegram chat belonging to “Uncle Dad.” In this chat Lambert (writing as “Hombre Cheddar”) indicated that he and “Uncle Dad” had an in-person friendship and related a story in which he and “Uncle Dad” harassed some people he claims were “antifa.”

Elsewhere in the chat Lambert even offers to buy a car for “Uncle Dad,” indicating that their relationship is close enough that Lambert would make a rather large purchase for him.  At this point it was worthwhile considering that “Uncle Dad” may actually be “Ronald Evans” of Dayton, Ohio.

Examining the Facebook page for “Ronnie Evans” that had interacted with Andrew “Vic Mackey” Casarez’s Facebook page brought us additional information.

From this it looks that Ronnie Evans was likely born in 1973 and it appeared that he was skilled at playing guitar:

He also provided a link to his YouTube channel:

His YouTube channel provided us with interesting information:

It is worthwhile noting that in one video, the man (who appears to be the same person in the Facebook account) is wearing a T-shirt with a stylized image of the Pittsburgh synagogue shooter Robert Bowers and has a similarly styled T-shirt in the closet featuring the Poway synagogue shooter John Timothy Earnest.

Several of the videos he posted were game-play videos of the video game “Pay Day 2,”

a game which we knew from the Telegram chats “Uncle Dad” enjoys.

“Uncle Dad” writing as “Crunkle Dabs the Bowldhisattva” on Telegram messenger

However, what proved conclusively that “Uncle Dad” was the same person as the owner of the “Ronnie Evans” Facebook page and the “Tharizdun Jones” YouTube channel were a couple videos on the channel in which his voice may be heard. This voice is an unmistakable match for voice messages “Uncle Dad” posted in his Telegram chat.

The voice of the narrator in this video matches voice messages in “Uncle Dad’s” Telegram chat.

In this video Evans narrates as he observes a wood chipper being used in his neighborhood. Wood chippers are frequent inside jokes within Bowl Patrol circles as they envision this to be their execution method for minorities and “race traitors,” or non-racist white people.

By this time we could say conclusively that “Uncle Dad” was, in fact, Ronald Andrew Evans of the Dayton, Ohio area and verified it by public records as well as connections to his family members, details of which we will not share to preserve their privacy.

But that was not the end of the trail. It turns out that “Uncle Dad” also used the alias “Joseph Goebbowls” (an obvious nod to the Nazi leader Joseph Goebbels) on leaked Bowl Patrol Discord chats collected by Unicorn Riot.  On these chats “Joseph Goebbeowls” provided several bits of personally identifying information that corroborated information we had for both “Uncle Dad” and Ronald Evans. For example, in one Discord post “Joseph Goebbowls” claimed that his astrological sign was Scorpio.

Ronald Evans’ date of birth is October 31, which falls under the sign of Scorpio.

Furthermore, “Joseph Goebbowls” posted an obscured photo of himself.

We can see from one of the photos Evans posted on his Facebook page that a growth on his left hand matches a growth on the left hand of the person in this photo.

To cap it all off, “Joseph Goebbowls” posted this image on Discord:

This image was also used as Uncle Dad’s Telegram profile image at one time.

Ronald Andrew Evans

Ronald Andrew Evans is a resident of the Dayton, Ohio area, born October 31, 1973. At the time of the Discord posts Evans, writing as “Joseph Goebbowls,” claimed to have been working as a cook, but earlier in his life Evans had worked as an IT engineer, as reflected by his LinkedIn page:

He blames his downward mobility on Jews:

We think it might be because, among other things, he is a violent misogynist.

In light of these considerations we feel that Ronald Andrew Evans is a danger to our communities and the public should be aware of his activities.

Notice on False/Incorrect Doxes Being Distributed

“Uncle Dad” has recently been the target of opposing racist circles on the Telegram messenger platform, who have attempted to dox him in part of their internecine conflict. Please be aware they are incorrect. They have irresponsibly exposed an uninvolved person through their carelessness and stupidity. Do not trust Nazi doxes. We have verified our information and have ensured it to be disclosed responsibly.

Special thanks to our friends @ utah161 on Twitter for their contributions to this report.

Andrew “Vic Mackey” Casarez at 2017 Berkeley Protests

In July we exposed the identity of “Vic Mackey,” leader of the neo-Nazi group “Bowl Patrol,” as Andrew Richard Casarez, a 27 year old Pizza delivery driver and Orangevale, California resident. As a result of this exposure, the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department served a Gun Violence Restraining Order and removed a firearm from Casarez’s possession, citing a potential for violence based upon Casarez’s online behavior. It was also revealed that Casarez is currently under investigation for the vandalization of the Temple Or Rishon synagogue in Orangevale, California. While the activities of the Bowl Patrol consist primarily of online threats and harassment, it is evident that its members also participate in offline, physical-space activities that pose threats to our communities.

In this report we will evaluate the post-exposure state of the Bowl Patrol, discuss the in-person activities of “Vic Mackey”/Andrew Casarez and conclude with a call for further information regarding these activities.

Status of the Bowl Patrol

Researchers at the Southern Poverty Law Center note that the unmasking of “Vic Mackey” may dramatically affect his influence within hate group circles, now that his true identity is under the scrutiny of law enforcement and the media. In the case of the Bowl Patrol, whose members favor extreme violence as opposed to more conventional strategies of white supremacist movements, part of their cohesiveness comes from their conflicts with other groups.

We have previously noted the ongoing feud between the Bowl Patrol and Christopher “Crying Nazi” Cantwell and his followers. The antagonism between the two groups, as well as other white-nationalist groups, is an everyday occurrence on the Telegram messenger platform. While opposing racist groups have expressed pleasure at Casarez’s exposure, noting in particular his Hispanic heritage, Bowl Patrol associates have expressed support for their exposed leader, as we see here in a Telegram messenger post from Benjamin “Cheddar Mane” Lambert, whom we have profiled in a previous article:

Show of support by Benjamin “Cheddar Mane” Lambert, under a new nom de plume. Lambert is still very much active in Bowl Patrol circles. “P.O.M.B.” in this case stands for “Proud Of My Bowl.”
Benjamin "Cheddar Mane" Lambert
Benjamin “Cheddar Mane” Lambert of Winfield-St. Louis, Missouri

This sentiment was forwarded throughout Telegram messenger channels by Bowl Patrol supporters, including failed Republican congressional candidate Paul Nehlen, who in recent years has expressed fervent support for the Bowl Patrol’s particular brand of accelerationist racial violence and now runs a water filtration company in Wisconsin.

Failed politician Paul Nehlen, posting as “Uncle Paul” on Telegram messenger, is a fervent supporter of the Bowl Patrol and frequently participates in their activities.

The status of the Bowl Patrol’s future is unclear, but since their potential for violence is not dependent upon group organization but rather a cohesion from shared internalized hate Bowl Patrol associates continue to be threats to our communities.

In-person activities of Andrew “Vic Mackey” Casarez

As “Vic Mackey,” Andrew Casarez was primarily an instigator who endeavored to encourage others to do violence. His philosophy is perhaps best expressed in this quote in which he refers to Siege, a work by neo-Nazi James Mason that has become an accelerationist bible of sorts:

Going “full Bowl” is coded language for committing an act of mass violence [Link]
Nevertheless, Casarez did participate in numerous in-person activities. As we mentioned earlier, Casarez is currently under investigation for the  vandalization of the Temple Or Rishon synagogue in Orangevale, California, an act he bragged about on the messaging platform Discord, leaks of which are available for examination at Unicorn Riot. In this instance, security cameras captured footage of two masked individuals, one of which is allegedly Casarez, at the crime scene.

Also as noted in our previous article, Casarez claimed to have attended the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia taking place in August 2017, reflected here in leaked Discord messages collected by Unicorn Riot:

He claims to have missed the torch march, but we have further anecdotal belief that he was present at the rally at some point, reflected in this since-deleted comment on a YouTube video regarding the Bowl Patrol/Christopher Cantwell feud:

Comment found on a YouTube video regarding “Vic Mackey.”

We are eager to locate photographs and/or accounts of Casarez at this event.

Prior to the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Casarez also claimed to have attended the Berkeley, California “Free Speech” rally, also known as the “Battle of Berkeley” as violence broke out between right-wing groups and antifascists. We have evidence of Casarez’s attendance at this event. In an April 15, 2017 live-feed by Buzzfeed News still available for viewing Casarez can be seen throughout the broadcast wearing a black German army-style motorcycle helmet, goggles and black leather jacket. At various points in the broadcast Casarez’s voice can be heard clear enough to make a positive vocal identification.

Andrew Casarez seen in Berkeley, Apr 15, 2017

Casarez’s presence at this event is further confirmed by his response (as “Vic Mackey”) to a post on a neo-Nazi website, as seen in this screen capture:

Casarez was also identified in a right-wing propaganda video to which we will not link. In this video Casarez can be seen attempting to set fire to an antifascist flag at the event.

Casarez (identified by red border) attempting to set fire to a flag.
Casarez (identified by red border) in Berkeley.

Casarez appeared to associate closely with three individuals throughout the rally whom we would like to identify.

Individual #1 is a very tall blonde male. Andrew Casarez is 6 feet 4 inches tall. We estimate this person to be at least that height.

Individual #2 was seen wearing a distinctive blue motorcycle helmet.

Individual #3 wore a black bomber jacket and had a shaved head.


While the exposure of Andrew Casarez as the identity of Bowl Patrol leader “Vic Mackey” was a blow to the morale of violent white supremacists, it is evident that this is not the end of the Bowl Patrol and that vigilance and action is necessary to quell their activities. It is also proof that antiracists and antifascists have the capability and motivation to identify such individuals.  But as long as there are those who produce, disseminate and consume racist propaganda the danger to our communities is ever present.

We would like to identify the individuals associated with Andrew “Vic Mackey” Casarez pictured in this report as well as verify Casarez’s presence at the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville, Virginia August, 11-12 2017. If you have information to share please send it to accollective (at) riseup (dot) net or via Twitter direct message to @anonymouscommie.

(Many thanks to our friends @ Utah161 on Twitter for their contribution to this article)

“Cheddar Mane” and “Hardmous”: St Louis area Bowl Patrol

Content warning: racism, slurs, violent imagery

The Dylann Roof worshipping cult “Bowl Patrol” has been reeling since the exposure of their leader and chief trollVic Mackey” last month as Andrew Richard Casarez, a 27 year old pizza delivery man from Orangevale, California. Major media outlets picked up the story, local law enforcement placed him under investigation for hate crimes and served a Gun Violence Restraining Order, removing a firearm from his possession.

Andrew Casarez’s exposure came on the heels of a series of recent exposures of key Bowl Patrol participants. We feel these individuals warrant further attention. In this article we’ll re-acquaint ourselves with two key Bowl Patrol players: the neo-Nazi murder enthusiast “Cheddar Mane” and his fellow greater-St.Louis area hate junkie “DJ Hardmous.”

Benjamin Lambert, aka “Cheddar Mane”

“Cheddar Mane” was a regular co-host on “The Bowlcast,” the Bowl Patrol’s irregularly produced podcast. Alongside “Vic Mackey” and others, “Cheddar Mane” espoused the typical agenda of the show: veneration of mass murderers, violence against non-whites, Jews, women and LGBTQ persons and the promotion of terror.

A Bowlcast promotion on Telegram messenger.

But “Cheddar Mane” didn’t limit his hate to obscure podcasts. On Twitter Cheddar Mane openly celebrated mass murder and racial violence, as in this post depicting Robert Bowers, Anders Breivik, Dylann Roof and Timothy McVeigh.

Other posts are no less unsettling.

“Cheddar Mane” was also a frequent poster on Gab, a social media site known for tolerating racism and hate speech.

“Cheddar Mane” vs. Christopher Cantwell: two losers, no winners

“Cheddar Mane’s” profile became uncomfortably high after a series of pranks by the Bowl Patrol on “Crying Nazi” Christopher Cantwell resulted in a feud between them, culminating with Cantwell threatening “Cheddar Mane” on Telegram messenger. Cantwell released personal information, including photos of “Cheddar Mane” and his family, and threatened to call child protective services based on “Cheddar Mane’s” alleged drug use. He also threatened to kill “Cheddar Mane” and rape his wife if he did not provide identifying information for “Vic Mackey.”

Threats made by Christopher Cantwell to “Cheddar Mane”
Exchanges between Christopher “Crying Nazi” Cantwell and “Cheddar Mane” on Telegram messenger.
Cantwell bragged about his threats and extortion to his subscribers on Telegram messenger.
“Cheddar Mane” with alleged strips of LSD on his tongue.

These threats somehow came to the attention of federal authorities who arrested Cantwell for making interstate threats. Although “Cheddar Mane” was the “victim” in this case, to be sure, these are both horrible people who are placing uninvolved persons and minors at risk (and it is worth noting that we at the Anonymous Comrades Collective uncovered “Vic Mackey’s” identity without having to threaten or coerce anyone). “Cheddar Mane,”  whose real name was not released in court documents, may have been granted a reprieve from Cantwell’s harassment, but instead of lying low he used this reprieve to continue promoting racial violence on Telegram and associating with the Bowl Patrol.

“Cheddar Mane” Exposed

“Cheddar Mane’s” true identity at this time was still undisclosed. However, in consideration of “Cheddar Mane’s” extreme promotion of racial violence and veneration of mass murderers, we as anti-racists believe him to be a danger to the community and the community should be aware of his presence.

Fortunately for us, Cantwell was kind enough to post a partial address for “Cheddar Mane” in his threats. From there it was a relatively simple task to utilize public records to narrow down his location and discover his real name. A look at Lincoln County, Missouri property tax records revealed a Benjamin Michael Lambert residing on the very same street Cantwell listed.

Further research provided us with enough information to confirm that we had correctly identified “Cheddar Mane.” A search on Instagram revealed a “cheddar_mane” account belonging to a “Benjamin Michael” with a photo that resembled the image of the person in Cantwell’s threats.

Additionally we identified several limited liability companies that Benjamin Lambert had been involved with, one of which was named “Lambert Technical Solutions.”

While conducting a simple Google search we found a curious image in the search results:

Pictured is an image of the actor Danny Glover as “George Knox” in the Disney film Angels in the Outfield altered with a Dylann Roof bowl style haircut. “Coach George Knox” was a recurring gag portrayed by “Cheddar Mane” on “The Bowlcast.”

Clearly, Benjamin Lambert was not too concerned that people would pick up on this. A Google account “George Knox” gave “Lambert Technical Solutions” a five-star rating on a Google Maps review.

More examination of “Lambert Technical Solutions” revealed another interesting detail. Lambert had two business partners, one of which was Thomas Gipson of Chesterfield, Missouri, whom we will address shortly.

By this time we were confident that we had positively identified “Cheddar Mane” as Benjamin Michael Lambert, of Winfield, Missouri, born Mar 13, 1983. With Lambert being an avid internet user, it was easy to locate more information about him online, including several business reviews on Google Maps.

Benjamin Micheal Lambert’s Google profile image.

Note that “George Knox” above also gave the St. Louis Bread Co. a 1-star review.

Benjamin Lambert also had a Facebook page under the not-too-clever moniker “Lenny Bambert.”

(The banner image is a photo of  Marvin Heemeyer’s heavily modified bulldozer used to terrorize Granby, Colorado in 2004. Heemeyer has become a meme in some extremist circles).

We even found a session of “carpool karaoke” on Facebook with the Western St. Charles County Chamber of Commerce where Lambert may be heard belting out a Whitesnake song.

At the time of writing, “Lambert Technical Solutions” is still listed with the Troy, MO Chamber of Commerce.

Benjamin Lambert, pre-“Cheddar Mane” years

While “Cheddar Mane” was Benjamin Lambert’s most notable alias, he was no stranger to racism. We found him in 2017 writing for a short-lived and failed Joe “Rambo” Biggs venture called Borderland Alternative Media, where he called Richard Spencer an “Alt-Right Patriot” and espoused conspiracy theories of “white genocide.”

His bio says Ben Lambert “Abandoned his normie lifestyle to join the alt-right and fight in the culture war” and links to a deleted twitter “@benlambert314.” His Facebook handle was “DeathtoSJWs”

He also appeared in a 2017 YouTube show called Locker Room Talk using his real name.


After we exposed Benjamin Lambert as “Cheddar Mane” it appeared that he had a bit of an identity crisis, claiming that “Cheddar Mane” was just a character he was playing and referring to himself in third person in this Twitter exchange with our friends @AntifascistF12 (formerly “@F12_Antifascist,”

(Posts archived  here, here and here, by our friends @AntifascistF12)

Furthermore, he doubled down on this improbable premise with this statement:

Lambert’s insincerity in this statement is painfully obvious because while he deleted his Twitter account he continues his old tricks on Telegram messenger under a variety of handles.

Lambert posts his own face on his Telegram messenger channel, seemingly not caring that he has been exposed.

Mere days before we exposed Andrew Richard Casarez as “Vic Mackey” there was an announcement on “The Bowlcast” Telegram channel where “Vic Mackey” announces “Cheddar Mane’s” return for an upcoming Bowlcast episode.

Although it remains to be seen if Casarez’s exposure will interrupt plans for the production of this episode, it is clear that Lambert is still very much involved with the Bowl Patrol.

Benjamin Michael Lambert no longer seems to care that he has been exposed as a racist and promoter of mass murder and terrorism, however we feel that his wife, a registered nurse who works at a children’s medical center, may feel differently about this. 

Thomas Gipson, aka “Hardmous”

As mentioned earlier, the filings for “Lambert Technology Solutions” listed a certain “Thomas Gipson” as an organizer. As it turns out, Thomas Gipson is a long-time friend of Benjamin Lambert since their days together at St. Dominic High School in O’Fallon, Missouri and they share many of the same interests, such as a love for racial violence, anti-LGBTQ violence, misogyny and mass murderers.

They also enjoy music. Gipson has developed a small online following as an electronic musician and deejay calling himself “DJ Hardmous” or variations of that alias.

“DJ Hardmous” is in fact 38 year old Thomas Philip Gipson of Chesterfield and the greater St. Louis area of Missouri.

Previous exposure

“Hardmous” was exposed before when, using the Twitter handle “@johngonzo88′ he threatened an antifascist activist on Twitter and put together the pieces to determine his identity to be “Thomas Gipson.” In this tweet Gipson as “@johngonzo88” altered images to make it appear that the target of his harassment had been beheaded and his target’s pet dogs had been murdered.

Although Idavox had identified Thomas Gipson to be “@johngonzo88″and “DJ Hardmous,” several linked resources, such as images, were no longer available on the internet. We decided it was time to dig up some more dirt on Gipson. It turns out when it comes to racism he has a storied past.

First off, there is no doubt that Thomas Philip Gipson is indeed “Hardmous.” Being very active on the internet, Gipson has left many breadcrumbs for us to pick up.

Tom Gipson together with his screen name “hardmous” posting on a music recording forum.
“Tom” as “@h4rdm0us” on Gab.

And he lists “Lambert Technical Solutions, LLC” on his LinkedIn page.

DJ of Hate

For a while Gipson had himself a little podcast called “Good Morning Auschwitz.” You can likely guess the thematic focus of the podcast. Episode 4 featured an interview with rabid anti-Semite, racist and political failure Patrick Little.

Gipson was a big supporter of Little and promoted the failed senatorial candidate on Gab. As we see here on this screenshot of a 4chan post, Gipson as “h4rdm0us” is noted as the “leader” of “Pat Little’s hardcore supporters.”

Note that “DC BOWL GANG @PureWhiteEvil” was the Gab account for Jeffery Clark, who had known ties to Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue shooter Robert Bowers.

Gab account for Jeffery Clark, who had known ties to Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue shooter Robert Bowers.

If we are to judge someone by the company they keep, Gipson’s associations are doing him no favors. Speaking of company, Gipson also collaborated with his good buddy Benjamin “Cheddar Mane” Lambert on several racist musical compositions.

Furthermore Gipson as “hardmous” was an active poster on ne0-Nazi Discord servers, leaks of which have been collected by Unicorn Riot and are available for examination here.

Meme posted by Gipson as “hardmous” on Discord.

Thomas “Hardmous” Gipson may consider himself to be a DJ and musical artist but spreading hate is his objective.

A Gab post by Gipson.
A cartoon image of “Hardmous” promoting Siege, a racist anti-government text by James Mason.

Unwanted attention for Thomas “Hardmous” Gipson

We presented our findings on Twitter recently, but after we brought attention to Gipson on Twitter, he first responded by reporting the tweets that he apparently felt offended by, thereby rendering one of our anonymous comrades @anonymouscommie out of commission for a few hours.Following this, just like his buddy Lambert, he issued a statement on Twitter attempting a less-than-believable effort to disavow his previous behavior.But it will take more than a half-hearted tweet to erase his threats, racism and glorification of mass murderers like Dylann Roof, whom Gipson obviously admires as we see in these photos where he emulates Roof while posing with what appear to be actual firearms.


If were are to prevent mass murders like the ones committed by Dylann Roof at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church or by Robert Bowers at the Tree of Life Synagogue or by Brenton Tarrant at the Al Noor Mosque and Linwood Islamic Centre, we must be aware of those who venerate these murderers as heroes.

Benjamin Michael Lambert under the alias “Cheddar Mane” and Thomas Philip Gipson under the alias “Hardmous” have for years promoted these murderers and have encouraged similar acts. We do not accept their poor attempts at distancing themselves from their past behavior now that they have been exposed. They continue to be threats to our communities.


We originally exposed Benjamin Lambert as “Cheddar Mane” on Twitter (an archived copy can be found here) and further reading may be found on Angry White Men.

Thomas “DJ Hardmous” Gipson was also covered earlier on Twitter (archived here).

Leaked Discord messages by Hardmous courtesy of Unicorn Riot.

We have updated this article changing “Weapon Violence Restraining Order” to its proper name “Gun Violence Restraining Order.”

“Vic Mackey” of the “Bowl Patrol” Identified as Andrew Casarez of Orangevale, California

Content warning: racism, slurs, violent imagery

On the morning of June 17, 2015, a young white man named Dylann Roof walked into the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston, South Carolina and murdered nine African-American worshippers. It was a calculated act of racial violence. Roof was apprehended and convicted for the crimes, but there are those among a particularly repugnant circle of white supremacists who celebrate Roof and others who commit racial violence in order to spur on others to commit such acts. They called themselves the “Bowl Patrol,” in homage to Roof’s distinctive bowl cut hair style.

The self-proclaimed leader of this group is a person who goes by the pseudonym​ “Vic Mackey.”​ As “Vic Mackey” this person has networked and organized with other white supremacists and has produced an irregularly released podcast entitled “The Bowlcast,” which is the Bowl Patrol’s main medium for the distribution of their propaganda. While other members and associates of the Bowl Patrol have been exposed by antifascists and journalists, “Vic Mackey” has proven to be unusually elusive– until now. After months of extensive investigation, the identity of “Vic Mackey” will finally be revealed.

Part I: The “Bowl Patrol”

First, a brief overview of the “Bowl Patrol.” The Bowl Patrol is a loosely organized group of neo-Nazi racists who promote the philosophy of “accelerationism.” That is, they advocate the use of violence to accelerate the collapse of society in order to achieve their white supremacist goals. Most of their work is conducted through propaganda using internet memes and podcasts. While they claim this is mere “shitposting,” or idle, crass humor, it has real world consequences. Journalists, researchers and other innocent people have suffered from their threats and harassment.

A promotion for an episode of "The Bowlcast" on Telegram
A promotion for an episode of “The Bowlcast” on Telegram


Example of a Bowl Patrol meme
Example of a Bowl Patrol meme


Example of a Bowl Patrol meme
Example of a Bowl Patrol meme


Example of a Bowl Patrol meme
Example of a Bowl Patrol meme

More information on the Bowl Patrol may be found here:

[Unicorn Riot: ‘Bowl Patrol’: Dylann Roof Fans Hope to Inspire More Mass Shootings]

[First Vigil: The Bowl Gang]

Additionally, “Vic Mackey” and the Bowl Patrol have extensive ties to other neo-Nazi groups, such as Atomwaffen Division.

During the course of our investigation, we have identified several high-profile members of the Bowl Patrol, often with the inadvertent help of other neo-Nazis who are at odds with them. Last year the Bowl Patrol had a dispute with “Crying Nazi” ​ Christopher Cantwell​ that resulted in federal charges against Cantwell for making interstate threats against a member of the Bowl Patrol known as “Cheddar Mane” in an attempt to extort the identity of “Vic Mackey.”

We have identified “Cheddar Mane” as Benjamin M Lambert, a resident of the St. Louis, Missouri area.

Ben Lambert aka "Cheddar Mane"
Ben Lambert aka “Cheddar Mane”
Ben Lambert aka "Cheddar Mane"
Ben Lambert aka “Cheddar Mane”

[Angry White Men: Member Of Neo-Nazi ‘Bowl Patrol’ Outed As Head Of IT Consulting Company]

Before we uncovered “Cheddar Mane’s” identity, Cantwell did our work for us by exposing another Bowl Patrol member “Mosin-Nagant” as Dallas Medina of Ravenna, Ohio.

Daniel Harper and Jack Graham have provided an excellent overview of this, which may be found on their podcast “I Don’t Speak German.”

[I Don’t Speak German, Episode 29, Siege Pill 2: Fascistic Boogaloo]

We also identified a frequent associate of the Bowl Patrol who goes by the alias “Hardmous” or “DJ Hardmous” as St. Louis area resident​ Thomas Gipson​.

Thomas Gipson aka "DJ Hardmous"
Thomas Gipson aka “DJ Hardmous”
Thomas Gipson aka "DJ Hardmous"
Thomas Gipson aka “DJ Hardmous”
Thomas Gipson aka "DJ Hardmous"
Thomas Gipson aka “DJ Hardmous”
Thomas Gipson aka "DJ Hardmous"
Thomas Gipson aka “DJ Hardmous”

[IdaVox: Twitter Threat Leads to Regular Caller to Chris Cantwell’s Podcast, aka This Guy]

Other members and associates of the Bowl Patrol have also been identified. Journalist Nate Thayer identified ​ Cody Moreash​ of Tempe, Arizona, who went by the aliases “Frank Castbowl,” “Patrick Bowlman” and “Akashic Wrecker.”

Cody Moreash aka "Akashic Wrecker"
Cody Moreash aka “Akashic Wrecker”
Cody Moreash aka "Akashic Wrecker"
Cody Moreash aka “Akashic Wrecker”
Cody Moreash aka "Akashic Wrecker"
Cody Moreash aka “Akashic Wrecker”

[Nate Thayer: White Supremacist Stolen Valor: A New Leader of Neo-Nazi Atomwaffen Division Terror Group Identified]

“Tactical Bowlcut” has been identified as ​ Robert Kehne Moeller​ of Florida.

Robert Kehne Moeller aka "Tactical Bowlcut"
Robert Kehne Moeller aka “Tactical Bowlcut”
Robert Kehne Moeller aka "Tactical Bowlcut"
Robert Kehne Moeller aka “Tactical Bowlcut”
Robert Kehne Moeller aka "Tactical Bowlcut"
Robert Kehne Moeller aka “Tactical Bowlcut”

The “Head Bowl In Charge”

There are other members/associates that have been identified and others yet to be identified, but the big fish is the de-facto leader who hides behind the alias “Vic Mackey,” a reference to a character from the popular cop show The Shield, ​ noted for his corruption and racism. “Vic Mackey” refers to himself as the “HBIC” or “Head Bowl In Charge” and has earned a position of respect in some racist circles and notoriety in others.

Profile image used for "Vic Mackey's" now suspended Twitter account.
Profile image used for “Vic Mackey’s” now suspended Twitter account.
Obscured photo of "Vic Mackey" (r) posted on Discord with associate
Obscured photo of “Vic Mackey” (r) posted on Discord with associate.

“Vic Mackey” has led harassment campaigns against journalists, activists and researchers. In September of 2019 the Bowl Patrol’s online harassment activities got frighteningly personal when an innocent family was terrorized after the Bowl Patrol incorrectly attempted to dox an antifascist podcaster.

"Vic Mackey" encouraging harassment of antifascist podcaster
“Vic Mackey” encouraging harassment of antifascist podcaster.

“Vic Mackey” and the Bowl Patrol were obviously very proud of this dubious “victory,” but the fact that they were so embarrassingly inept doesn’t make them any less dangerous.

"Vic Mackey" boasts about his failed dox
“Vic Mackey” boasts about his failed dox

[The Daily Beast: This Podcaster Dug Into the World of Neo-Nazis. Now They’ve Put a Target on Him]

[The Informant: The wrong house]

If there is any doubt about “Vic Mackey’s” views on racial violence, a look at a few of his posts on Telegram messenger makes them perfectly clear.

A post by “Vic Mackey” made in a Telegram chat room.
A post by “Vic Mackey” made in a Telegram chat room.

It would be too much to catalogue every instance of racism, anti-Semitism and anti-LGBTQ sentiment that “Vic Mackey” expresses, but examples are plentiful.

While “Vic Mackey” has long been considered “dox-proof,” over the course of over five thousand leaked chat room posts collected by Unicorn Riot [link] he inadvertently revealed numerous personal details about his location, family, employment, and education that would lead to his exposure.

In casual conversation, “Vic Mackey” revealed that he lived in California, specifically northern California, and had attended university in Stockton. He claimed that he was paternally Hispanic and that his maternal side was German/Irish. He lamented his “mediterranean” appearance and wrote: “I’m only half Spanish half German/Irish but I look 125% Spaniard so that is even more of a bummer to me.” He gave specifics on his family, such as having a married sister living in San Francisco and a father that was both a “politically liberal” army veteran and had been a firefighter with specialized training. He even posted on Discord while he accompanied his mother at a local casino.

When asked about his occupation on the leaked chats, “Vic Mackey” stated that he was a manager at a restaurant and complained about and wished death to his “boomer” boss. At the time of the post he had been working there for three-and-a-half years.

Despite “Vic Mackey’s” paranoia, or perhaps because of it, he is supremely arrogant regarding his ability to maintain cover. This braggadocio will prove to be misguided.

“Vic Mackey’s” hubris prompted him to expose his own criminal behavior as well as his hometown when he boasted implied involvement in the vandalization of a local synagogue. On November 4th, 2017, racist flyers were posted at the Temple Or Rishon in Orangevale, California, just outside of Sacramento (article here). The incident was declared a hate crime and became a major regional news story. “Vic Mackey” posted several links to local news coverage in the Bowl Patrol Discord chat room which featured the security camera footage. In a back-and-forth with Atomwaffen Division member Conor Climo (aka “Sir88“) [more information on Conor Climo at this link] “Vic Mackey” posted a YouTube link to news coverage of the crime [link].


The two male figures in the video were not clearly identifiable and “Vic Mackey” gloatingly posted his own screenshots featuring the signature Dylann Roof bowl haircut graphics.

Altered security footage posted by "Vic Mackey"
Altered security footage posted by “Vic Mackey.”


News footage of the incident.
News footage of the incident.
News footage of the incident.
News footage of the incident.

“Vic Mackey” also indicated in the leaked Discord chats that he attended the infamous 2017 “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville.


And before that, the “Battle of Berkeley.”


To be clear, “Vic Mackey’s” hate is not confined to online harassment. However, the reason he can threaten and harass without repercussion is that he acts pseudonymously. Take that pseudonym away, what power will he have?

Part II: Identifying “Vic Mackey”

In the over five-thousand leaked Discord posts, “Vic Mackey” provided a clue that seemed trivial initially, but eventually proved to be critical in identifying him. In one occasion he attempted to make friends online by providing a link to his Steam account.


Steam is a popular online vendor of computer games and an online community where users can connect with other players. Steam users are able to change screen names at will, but in an effort to prevent cheating there are publicly accessible databases that maintain a history of screen name changes and other data. The custom URL “Vic Mackey” gave out doesn’t exist anymore, but we were able to trace that historical custom URL to a current Steam account.

"Vic Mackey's" Steam profile
“Vic Mackey’s” current Steam profile.

We were able to trace that account to a previously used account that was over nine years old.

Previous screen names this account has used.
Previous screen names this account has used.
Previous name changes for the “THICC Mackey” account. Note the 1970 date is just a default UNIX timestamp.
An earlier Steam account owned by "Vic Mackey"
An earlier Steam account owned by “Vic Mackey.”

While these profiles have a visibility set to “private,” we also found historical information on these accounts prior to them becoming private, such as profile bios, status updates and friends. We knew that there was a high likelihood that these accounts belonged to the same owner due to the shared screen names and shared friends.

Networks of friends were used to narrow the field.
Friend networks were analyzed to connect to other networks for further analysis.

Furthermore, by researching this network of Steam friends we were able to expand upon that and state with high confidence that the owner of these two Steam accounts was also the owner of the Facebook account below.

fbid 100000799175303

A Facebook account likely belonging the owner of the Steam accounts.
A Facebook account likely belonging the owner of the Steam accounts as it appeared at the time of writing.

Although his friends list is not publicly visible we got an idea of associated accounts by checking who “liked” certain posts.

"Boris Kompot" was one of several who liked this post.
“Boris Kompot” was one of several who liked this post.

“Andrew Zippy Carter” also “liked” one of “Boris Kompot’s” posts.

“Andrew Zippy Carter” liked this post.

Another post in “Boris Kompot’s” timeline solidified the likelihood that “Andrew Zippy Carter” or “andrew.richard.75” is the Facebook account for “Vic Mackey.” In this post is an anti-Semitic cartoon and “Andrew Richard” is named specifically, along with another, “Keen Molar.”

Note “Andrew Richard” is hyperlinked and “Andrew Zippy Carter” reacted with “Haha.”

“Keen Molar,” of course, refers to Robert Kehne Moeller, mentioned earlier in the article. Moeller, writing under the pseudonym “Tactical Bowlcut,” has extensive association with “Vic Mackey” on Discord servers and also produced a Bowl Patrol video in which “Vic Mackey” harassed residents of San Francisco under the guise of “citizen journalist.”

Posted on the Bowlcast Telegram channel.
Posted on the Bowlcast Telegram channel.

In one Facebook post we found, “Andrew Zippy Carter” posted to the page of the rock band Whirr, who at the time was dealing with criticism to transphobic comments they had made on their Twitter account. This was his attempt to troll in support of the comments they had made.

One of the replies posted a selfie of “Andrew Zippy Carter” that is no longer on his profile page.

Photo posted on Facebook. Photo is reversed; note the "Ray Ban" logo.

For some reason the photo is reversed (note the “Ray Ban” logo at the top right of the sunglasses). This is the photo as it should appear.

Photo as it should appear.
Photo as it should appear.

This will come into play later in the article.

Suffice to say, we had a good amount of information to piece together, eventually leading to the true identity of “Vic Mackey.”

Online, “Vic Mackey” enjoyed presenting himself as a veteran of white nationalist movements with bulletproof operational security. In this exchange on Unicorn Riot’s Discord leaks, “Vic Mackey” seemed to enjoy the reverence:


However, “Vic Mackey” was careless with many personal details in the chats and we were able to construct a picture of his life with very specific personally identifying information through these details. The person we identified matched all these data points, and we found his facade of age and experience to be a sham. He was just twenty-four when he started posting in the “Vibrant Diversity” Discord Chat.

Part III: Will the real “Vic Mackey” please stand up?

Andrew Richard Casarez​ was born on January 9th, 1993 in Sacramento County and is a resident of Orangevale, California. This is consistent with statements made in the Discord chats, perhaps most damningly with a photo he posted taken in front of Monroe Tattoo Parlor in Orangevale.

A Snapchat photo "Vic Mackey" posted on Discord
A photo “Vic Mackey” posted on Discord


“Vic Mackey” also claimed to have attended college in Stockton, CA and had a roommate his first semester whose family did their laundry. The implication is that he lived in a dormitory. The University of the Pacific is Stockton’s only four-year university with dormitories.


We found Andrew Casarez did indeed attend the University of the Pacific in Stockton, CA, in 2011, right about when he would have been eighteen years old. He was named as one of the participants of an event held at the university in a local news article.


“Vic Mackey” also stated that his father was a firefighter,


politically liberal,


and an army veteran.


“Vic Mackey” stated that he had a married sister living in San Francisco.


“Vic Mackey” claimed to be paternally Hispanic.




This is also reflected in a Telegram chat message from September 2, 2019 where he uses a slur to refer to his own name.

All these statements have proven to be true for Andrew Casarez as well. His father is an army veteran and a retired Sacramento firefighter and his sole sibling is a married sister residing in San Francisco. His mother’s maiden name is of Gaelic descent. His family is also politically opposite of everything “Vic Mackey” stands for. We are not publishing identifying details out of respect for his family, who are likely quite disappointed with Andrew, but this is all verifiable information.

Furthermore, “Vic Mackey” claimed to have been working at a restaurant for the past three-and-a-half years at the time of the post.


By combing social media accounts of family and associates, we determined that Andrew Casarez had likely worked at a pizzeria in ​Roseville, California​, which is now under different ownership.  The current ownership has reached out to us to inform us that he is not employed by them at this time. His current employment is not known

Significantly, “Vic Mackey” had mentioned in the Discord leaks that he had also posted on the frat humor website “Total Frat Move” under variations of the name “Ned’s Older Brother” or “Ned.”


While the persona of “Vic Mackey” thrived on neo-Nazi Discord servers, it was earlier, on “Total Frat Move” that “Vic Mackey” was born. Inspecting archived pages of the website, we found that “Ned-s Older Brother” had used images of the “Vic Mackey” character from the television show The Shield on his profile page. “Ned-s Older Brother” had been banned from the site for racist behavior several times, yet kept returning with variations of his previous screen names.

Twitter account linked to "Ned's Older Brother " and "Vic Mackey"
Twitter account linked to “Ned’s Older Brother ” and “Vic Mackey”
Enlarged image of the @NedsOlderBroTFM twitter; note the use of the Vic Mackey TV character and misogynistic overtones
Original image of the @NedsOlderBroTFM twitter profile image taken from the TV show The Shield; note the use of the Vic Mackey  character and misogynistic overtones

A still shot from the television program was also later used as a meme by “Vic Mackey” and posted on Discord with a bowl haircut and text added to the image.

Altered still shot from the TV show used as a meme on Discord.
Altered still shot from the TV show used as a meme on Discord.

At one point “Ned-s Older Brother” related a story about being charged with DUI. Unbeknownst to “Ned-s Older Brother,” this admission would play a significant factor in the future.

It is no coincidence that Andrew Casarez was also charged with DUI.

(VC 2315 is the California statute pertaining to operating a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol [link] )

There’s not much in the way of normal social media for Andrew Casarez/”Vic Mackey” himself. He had enough sense to reduce his footprint across the internet, although we were able to locate another unobscured photo from 2014.

A likely photo of Andrew Casarez from 2014
A likely photo of Andrew Casarez (middle) from 2014

If we compare this with the photo mentioned earlier we can see that they are likely the same person.

We contacted “Vic Mackey” through Telegram messenger to ask him about our findings. Unsurprisingly, he denied everything. He also denied things he had admitted to in the Discord leaks, such as attending the University of the Pacific in Stockton. While we could find no evidence that Andrew Casarez was an actual member of the Sigma Chi fraternity at the university, “Vic Mackey” implied membership in the Discord leaks.


In our chat with him, however, he denies this.

He also resorted to his ruse of attempting to seem older than he really is.

“Vic Mackey”/Andrew Casarez seemed to be in full panic mode, attempting every trick in his meager repertoire.

Soon after our initial contact with him on Telegram, the photo that we had found of him above was removed from the social media account on which it was posted. Also, the social media accounts of immediate family were newly set to “private,” whereas before contact they were publicly visible.

He also attempted to clean up his Facebook activity. In the post by Facebook user “Boris Kompot” mentioned earlier we found that “Andrew Richard” was un-linked from the post and the “like” removed.

Edit history
Edit history of this post shows the time and date it was edited.

Note the timestamp of the edit: July 2 at 2:40 AM. We contacted him on July 1 at 1:11 PM.

While we were already confident that we had positively identified “Vic Mackey,” these things confirmed it. It was too late for him to cover his tracks.


There is much about “Vic Mackey” and the “Bowl Patrol” that we haven’t covered here for sake of brevity and there is much more about Andrew Richard Casarez​ of​ Orangevale, California, the twenty-seven year old pizzeria worker and online stochastic terrorist, that will be uncovered in the future. One thing is certain: if Andrew Casarez continues to spread his hate he won’t have the “Vic Mackey” name to hide behind any longer.


The kind folks at the pizzeria have reached out to us to inform us that while Andrew Casarez worked under the previous ownership he is not employed by the current ownership. We had mistakenly stated that he did. This article has been edited to reflect that. Sincere apologies to the pizzeria in question for any inconvenience caused.

Update, 7/24/2020:

More on Andrew Casarez aka “Vic Mackey”  by Sebastian Murdock and Christopher Mathias of The Huffington Post: Exclusive: Leader Of Dylann Roof-Worshipping Neo-Nazi Group Exposed Andrew Richard Casarez is a 27-year-old pizza delivery driver and the leading voice in a confederation of neo-Nazis, HuffPost has confirmed.

Update, 7/28/2020:

Andrew Casarez is under investigation by local law enforcement agencies.

From The Jewish News of Northern California by Gabriel Greschler: Suspected neo-Nazi leader under investigation in Sacramento

From CBS13 Sacramento: Alleged Leader Of Neo-Nazi Group Identified As Orangevale Resident Andrew Casarez

School yearbook photo of Andrew Casarez, as shown on CBS13 Sacramento’s news broadcast.

From The Sacramento Bee by Sam Stanton: Orangevale man accused of leading online white supremacist group devoted to Dylann Roof