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We have encountered some awful people in our time as anti-fascist researchers, but the worst are the ones that twist the minds of children. Today we present to you a seemingly typical, wholesome small-town American family, pillars of the community and local business owners. But behind closed doors, they raise their children to revere Adolf Hitler, teach them to hate people unlike themselves and encourage other families to do the same in a neo-Nazi homeschooling network. Today we take a look at “Mr. and Mrs. Saxon,” the “Dissident Homeschoolers.” No apple for teacher today!

The “Dissident Homeschool”

Dissident Homeschool” is a popular neo-Nazi Telegram messenger channel with over 2,300 subscribers that focuses on home schooling children with an emphasis on Nazi principles. In the channel description it describes itself as: “A place for dissident homeschool parents. Find material here that is not riddled with Current Year programming.” The channel is run by two individuals who call themselves “Mr. Saxon” and “Mrs. Saxon.”

Lest we be accused of calling anyone we disagree with a “Nazi,” it is worth noting that Mr. and Mrs. Saxon are literally Nazis and are not shy to use the term in the Telegram channel and discussion. They frequently express a reverence for Adolf Hitler and his Nazi regime. On the occasion of reaching their 1000th subscriber, Mrs.Saxon posted a photo of boys performing a Nazi salute and spelled out their mission: “It fills my heart with joy to know there is such a strong base of homeschoolers and homeschool-interested national socialists. Hail Victory.”

The Dissident Homeschool celebrating their 1000 subscribers with a photo of Nazi youth.
The Dissident Homeschool celebrating their 1000 subscribers with a photo of Nazi youth.

Mrs. Saxon unabashedly identifies as a Nazi.
Mrs. Saxon unabashedly identifies as a Nazi.
The "Dissident Homeschool" Telegram channel description.
The “Dissident Homeschool” Telegram channel description.
Dissident Homeschool also has a presence on the Nazi-friendly social media platform Gab.

The “Dissident Homeschool” began when Mrs. Saxon “really was having a rough time finding Nazi-approved school material for [her] homeschool children,” as she explained on a neo-Nazi podcast called Achtung! Amerikaner. She stated later in that podcast that home schooling is much better than public or private school because “…we have our children’s best interest at heart and nobody can do a better job than we can because it’s our child. We are so deeply invested into making sure that that child becomes a wonderful Nazi.” Some audio clips of these podcasts follow.

“Mrs. Saxon” on why she created “Dissident Homeschool”:

“Mrs. Saxon” on making “wonderful Nazis”:


An antisemitic post by the Dissident Homeschool
An antisemitic post by the Dissident Homeschool.


Mrs. Saxon does most of the posting in the channel and chat, presenting lesson plans, tips on time management and other aspects related to home schooling and raising children, all heavily doused with Nazi stink. We think racists aren’t born; they’re made. Clearly, the Saxons recognize this, since they use every teaching moment they have to instill racism and Nazi ideology in their children.

Clip of “Mr. Saxon” on rewarding racism for his children from the Achtung Amerikaner podcast:

On Telegram, Mrs. Saxon addressed the issue of growing up in a world in which racism and fascism is a repellent idea to the general population:

In a world hostile and antagonistic to anything NS (National Socialism,) how do you prepare your children for the world in a way that they are still true to NS, but able to navigate a society appropriately? … Teach race realism first, then you teach your children the consequences of that realism…We do not start teaching our children these things until we know they are able to *not* say certain things, and to keep things quiet around certain people.

Also, when our children do have that “accidental racism”, we as parents can quickly step in and chuckle, and say “Oh kids! They say the darndest things!”

“Certain people” apparently includes the grandmother of the children, as Mrs. Saxon explains: “I know my oldest will easily tell her grandmother that she cannot watch a certain show, and rather than ‘because it is filled with black people and gays’, she will tell her ‘because mom said so.’ … And if grandma asks me why, I usually tell her about the blacks and the gays. (Grandma has stopped asking why.)”


The education priorities of the “Dissident Homeschool”
On blending in with non-Nazis
By “Marchin Looter Kang,” Mr. Saxon refers to Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr. in a way only a Nazi racist could.


Some neo-Nazi pearls of wisdom to be found in their internet chat:

…when we go to a theme park, our children see the negroes behaving poorly. We have a boy in the neighborhood with purple hair and are apt to comment on this, and to do so mockingly…When the children do the same, either Mr. Saxon or I will be very keen to tell them that although this is true, pointing these things out to anyone but our own clan, will get them in trouble.

We explain to our children, in very serious and honest tones that talking about race, sexuality, what is gay, covid, and even who to vote for is not something they can freely do.


Their solution is to forge real life relationships with families that share their Nazi values:

When we go to hang out with our group of National Socialists, we tell the children that in this group they can speak freely. That they needn’t worry about accidental racisms…

One “math assignment” that Mrs. Saxon issued was to interpret “crime statistics,” the goal of which was to “realize the demographics to be cautious around.”

One "math assignment" by Dissident Homeschool.
One “math assignment” by Dissident Homeschool.

Another lesson called “IQ Unit Study” discusses IQ score, or “intelligence quotient.” In this study guide, Mrs. Saxon wrote:

The blacks – on average – have a much lower IQ than whites. Their average peaks at about 85, which rates them as “below average intelligence”. The average of whites is 103, which is considered “average
intelligence”. Where you can find very few whites at the bottom of the bell curve, you can find up to
four times as many blacks on the low end of the IQ graph.

Later in the study she cites the immigration of “racial aliens” for a decline of IQ in Kentucky. In her words:

Since 1945, western (white) countries have been letting racially alien foreigners to come and live with them. These foreigners, often from countries such as Africa, have much lower IQs as you can see in the earlier graphs. When a country’s average IQ is calculated, it does not just take the average IQ of the indigenous (native) people there.

Naturally, the Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler features frequently in these lessons. In one post the Dissident Homeschool channel wrote:

Hitler wrote in Mein Kampf: “The art of reading and studying consists in remembering the essentials and forgetting what is not essential.”

We start this by reading to our children, and asking them to narrate back to us what happened in the story. At first, help them along the way, but within a month the child should be able to narrate chapters back to you. This way, he learns to distill the important parts and to summarize those.

On the occasion of Adolf Hitler’s birthday, Mrs. Saxon celebrated by baking Führerkuchen, or “Führer cake.”  What neo-Nazi internet chat would be complete without a discussion on Nazi baked goods?

We had a lovely dinner followed by Führerkuchen. Our children celebrated Adolf’s birthday today by learning about Germany and eating favorite German foods. Recipe included.

"Swastika snickerdoodles."
“Swastika snickerdoodles.”

Parents have a responsibility to prepare their children to lead a life of their own and form their own identities, but, when parents instill a worldview so steeped in violent hatred,  young minds have the potential to become irreparably harmed. To be clear, this is not a political issue, but a moral one. In one chilling, now-deleted post on Telegram, Mrs. Saxon posted an audio message of her children shouting “sieg heil.”

Hitler is a prominent topic in the Dissident Homeschool curriculum.
Hitler is a prominent topic in the Dissident Homeschool curriculum.


Mrs. Saxon made sure to not leave out the celebration of birthdays of American racists either. In the post below she celebrated the birthday of Confederate general Robert E. Lee, alongside a study guide for the kiddos.

Happy Robert E. Lee Day! On January 19th we commemorate the Confederate general Robert Edward Lee. In the Saxon household we usually start to celebrate this day on the third Monday of January, until Lee’s actual birthday on the 19th. This wholesome assignment covers a range of subjects, such as poetry, history, citizenship and what it takes to be a good man. Share this post with your friends so their children can learn about the good general, too.

"Mrs. Saxon" celebrating the birthday of Confederate general Robert E. Lee with a "Dissident Homeschool" lesson plan.
“Mrs. Saxon” celebrating the birthday of Confederate general Robert E. Lee with a “Dissident Homeschool” lesson plan.


Meet Katja and Logan Lawrence, aka the “Saxons,” of Upper Sandusky, Ohio

The “Saxons” were very security conscious with regard to their secret Nazi life. Given the nature of their behind-closed-curtains activities, they were keenly aware that their Nazi ideals run contrary to polite society. In an appearance on the neo-Nazi podcast Achtung Amerikaner Mr. Saxon stated that he instructed their children to never mention anything about this to their friends or extended family.

Once in the Telegram discussion a chat member asked, “Have you had any family that has tried to undermine your instruction to your children?” Mrs. Saxon replied, “We have had some pushback, and more pushback from the other side of the family. We have clear boundaries though. They don’t bring up the subject of homeschool and I do not being up the violent negroes, tranny and gay agenda in schools … At the end of the day, the children are our own to raise.”

"At the end of the day, the children are our own to raise."
“At the end of the day, the children are our own to raise.”

Despite the attempts by Mr. and Mrs. Saxon to maintain the secrecy of their racist curriculum, Nazis love to talk and we were able to correlate various statements they made with real-life identities.

In the Achtung Amerikaner podcast episodes, Mr. Saxon noted that they lived in a “small farming community in the Great Lakes area… A town of 6,000 people, in the middle of a corn field, that, up until about five years ago, was essentially 100% white.” He continued to say that the area was “filled with English and German families, that sort of farming stock that came over way back when…” He claimed that his own family had been in the area for 200 years, having “carved the area out of the wilderness.” Later in the episode, Mr. Saxon commented that “until 1945 there was a sign on the city limits that said “no negroes allowed within the city limits.” He also characterized the town as having a “210 year history” and of being “in the rust belt.” At another time in one of the podcasts, Mr. Saxon stated that he was born in Toledo, Ohio.

Being semi-regular guests of this podcast, Mr. Saxon stated another time that “a mega-corporation” had a factory in his town that was sourcing labor from Puerto Rican evacuees of a natural disaster, which angered him. He stated they were “indolent individuals” who had enjoyed “FEMA bucks” for some time. He then went on to complain about that company’s HR manager, whom he characterized as a “fat cat lady,” who he says did not live in the town, but rather “three towns away.” Saxon described her “bragging on Facebook” about her role in the hiring and relocation of the displaced workers.

We discovered that in 2018 Kasai North America in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, recruited Puerto Ricans displaced by Hurricane Maria to fill vacant jobs.

From this information we hypothesized that the “Saxons” were located in or around Upper Sandusky, Ohio. Interestingly, Upper Sandusky historically once had a sign reading “N****** don’t let the sun set on you,” similar to the sign that Mr. Saxon described in the podcast.

Mrs Saxon had previously made clear on her podcast appearance that she was not a “native” American and that she “hailed” from Europe. In one post on the Telegram chat she wrote, “[As] someone who has gone through the whole visa and immigration process as well, I can attest to the anti white policies of the US immigration process. A direct quote from the kike judge during my citizenship ceremony: ‘These people come from countries with dirt floors.'” Further examination of statements made by Mrs. Saxon on the Dissident Homeschool Telegram chat helped us narrow down her precise national origins. In the Telegram chat she made mention of the Netherlands, the Dutch and Dutch food products frequently, leading us to conclude that she was of Dutch origin.

"Mrs. Saxon" comment on her own naturalization experience.
“Mrs. Saxon” comment on her own naturalization experience.

In 2017, a number of newly-naturalized citizens were sworn in during a ceremony at Maumee High School near Toledo, Ohio. Among these new Americans was a sole immigrant from the Netherlands. It was this fact that opened other investigative paths that led us to two candidates for the identities of “Mr. and Mrs. Saxon.” At this point the evidence was circumstantial, but further correlation of statements they made with publicly available information would provide undeniable proof that we had found their true identities.

In the podcast appearance with her husband, Mrs. Saxon related a story in which she took her kids to a local pumpkin farm with a “tall slide.” We located this Upper Sandusky pumpkin farm and they do indeed have a tall slide on which kids can play. This further cemented that we were correct in locating their whereabouts and their identities.

Just as "Mrs. Saxon" described, there is a pumpkin farm in Upper Sandusky with a tall slide.
Just as “Mrs. Saxon” described, there is a pumpkin farm in Upper Sandusky with a tall slide.

These podcasts have been archived for evidentiary purposes at Archive.org and may be found through the following links:

Katja (van den Berg) Lawrence, “Mrs. Saxon”

Enter Katja Lawrence, aka “Mrs. Saxon,” originally from the Netherlands. She became a naturalized US citizen in 2017 and now lives in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, with her husband, Logan M. Lawrence.

Katja Lawrence, aka "Mrs. Saxon"
Katja Lawrence, aka “Mrs. Saxon”
Katja Lawrence, aka "Mrs. Saxon"
Katja Lawrence, aka “Mrs. Saxon”
Katja Lawrence is not a fan of diversity.
Katja Lawrence is not a fan of diversity.

“Mrs. Saxon” wrote in the Telegram chats that she now owns a German Shepherd dog named “Blondi” (just like Hitler’s dog). We found posts on Facebook by Katja Lawrence describing this dog “Blondi,” the German Shepherd. We confirmed Katja Lawrence’s ownership of this German Shepherd dog through the Wyandot County dog licensing website dog search feature.

“We now have a German Shepherd…”
“…my dog Blondi…” [archive]
The Wyandot County, Ohio, dog licensing site showed that Katja Lawrence owned a black/tan (German) Shepherd.
Katja Lawrence posted a photo of Blondi on Facebook. We have redacted her face because it’s not her fault that Katja Lawrence is a Nazi.
Photo of Katja Lawrence and Blondi (redacted) on her Pinterest [archive]

Logan M. Lawrence, “Mr. Saxon”

And remember earlier when when we noted “Mr. Saxon” on the podcast complaining about Kasai’s HR manager’s posts on Facebook?  We found Katja Lawrence’a husband, Logan Lawrence replying to a post regarding the Hurricane Maria evacuees under his real name. Although Logan Lawrence’s Facebook profile no longer exists, his name is still visible in the replies.

Logan Lawrence trolling on Facebook about the Hurricane Maria evacuees.
Logan Lawrence trolling on Facebook about the Hurricane Maria evacuees.

“Mr. Saxon” claimed on the podcast that he was a business owner with a public face. This was partly true. More accurately, Logan M Lawrence, aka “Mr.Saxon,”  is an insurance agent, working for his local, family-run insurance agency. He and his wife are also involved in a family business renting properties to tenants. When he is not selling insurance or neo-Nazi-ing, he spends his time at his local Masonic lodge, Warpole Lodge #176, where he is an officer of the lodge.

Logan Lawrence, appearing a video call with his lodge.
Logan Lawrence, appearing a video call with his lodge.
Just one of many racist statements made by Logan Lawrence as "Mr. Saxon" in Telegram chats.
Just one of many racist statements made by Logan Lawrence as “Mr. Saxon” in Telegram chats.
Lohan M. Lawrence, aka "Mr. Saxon"
Lohan M. Lawrence, aka “Mr. Saxon”
Logan M Lawrence
Photo of Logan M Lawrence from his deleted LinkedIn profile.
Katja and Logan Lawrence in younger days.
Katja and Logan Lawrence in younger days.

Katja van den Berg met her Hitler-lovin’ hubby in Munich while on a pub crawl during Oktoberfest, many years ago (Logan Lawrence has a minor in German language from Ohio State). Before that she was a dreadlocked teenage computer nerd with a LiveJournal blog where she mostly complained about her controlling parents. Before moving to the United States, she received a degree in international law from Han University in Arnheim, Netherlands and was president and webmaster of the NSJV Fudoshin student Judo Club.

But she isn’t actually German, she’s Dutch.

Some excerpts from Katja Lawrence's old LiveJournal blog.
Some excerpts from Katja Lawrence’s old LiveJournal blog.
Katja Lawrence's old LiveJournal blog.
Katja Lawrence’s old LiveJournal blog.
Then known as Katja van den Berg, she was a webmaster for a Judo club’s website in the Netherlands. [archive]
Katja Lawrence earned an international law degree from HAN University in 2011.
Katja Lawrence earned an international law degree from HAN University in 2011.

After moving to the United States and marrying Logan Lawrence, but prior to becoming a “dissident homeschooler,” Katja Lawrence held numerous jobs like working as a web designer for a variety of businesses including the Lawrence Insurance Group and various local municipal sites including the Wyandot County Sheriff. In a bitterly ironic twist, Katja Lawrence’s resume lists her most recent employer as Obenour Law Group in Worthington, Ohio, which specializes in legal issues pertaining to the LGBTQ community.

Katja Lawrence was a web designer for a time.
Some of her clients, to include the Wyandot County Sheriff’s office.
Katja Lawrence’s resume

The Lawrences are members of a local area “pool party” in which they interact with other neo-Nazi families. “Pool party” is code for the rigorously vetted gatherings organized under the banner of the neo-Nazi podcast network The Right Stuff and its affiliated organization the National Justice Party. They urge their subscribers to  prepare for these “pool parties” by getting “vetted,” a process designed to prove you are “not a fed.” Katja Lawrence also recommends joining local home school groups, telling them to

… encourage your child to watch their language around these children as well as the neighborhood children. They probably believe that the Holohoax happened & that being pro-white & nationalist is a form of evil.

In another sick contortion, Katja Lawrence suggested visiting the elderly in nursing homes because “The Führer highly valued respect for elders. Children will get respect for their elders if they are frequently exposed to them.”


Katja Lawrence, writing as "Mrs. Saxon," suggesting that children visit the elderly in nursing homes because "The Führer highly valued respect for elders."
Katja Lawrence, writing as “Mrs. Saxon,” suggesting that children visit the elderly in nursing homes because “The Führer highly valued respect for elders.”


Logan and Katja Lawrence could certainly pass for typical American parents. They home school four young children who participate in karate classes, do ballet, compete in swim meets, raise chickens, grow vegetables, go hiking and camping…normal family activities, right? Except for, you know … all the Nazi stuff.


School’s Out

Home schooling may be a option for many families for various reasons, but if a family’s reason for home schooling is to ingrain Nazi values and racist ideologies then something is seriously wrong. We’ve said it before: racists aren’t born, they’re made. Logan and Katja Lawrence have been putting all their energies into warping the childhoods of their children, attempting to make “wonderful Nazis.” One might argue that it is the parents’ prerogative to raise their kids as they see fit. But the Lawrences are doing more than that, as they devise methodologies for other parents to twist the minds of their children and network with known, active neo-Nazi organizations to further a hateful, violent agenda. Though the Lawrences have gone to great lengths to hide their true identities and activities from the rest of the community, they can’t hide anymore and must now face public scrutiny.

To all the Nazi’s out there: try to hide, we will find you.

And that’s the end of today’s lesson!



Update 25 Jan 2023:

We had previously confused a “Sheltie” dog owned by Katja Lawrence with a “Border Collie” dog that she also owned. We have corrected this.

Also, we had previously misidentified a similar-looking person in photos as Logan Lawrence. We have removed these photos and added correct photos.

Special thanks goes out to a certain anonymous comrade out there. You know who you are!