Doxer Chadwick Seagraves Still on NCSU’s Payroll: Here’s A Glimpse of His Material

On November 17, 2020 we exposed Chadwick Jason Seagraves, who works in the North Carolina State University IT department, as a member of the “Proud Boys,” a known hate group, and as the individual who attempted to dox activists and LGBTQ persons whom he deemed to be “antifa” and “anarchists.” At least one of the […]

Doxer Gets Doxed: “Proud Boy” Chadwick Jason Seagraves of NCSU

On November 10, 2020 a Twitter user with the handle “@oto666yamaguchi” [1] and the screen name “Duncan Lemp”[2] claimed to have been “wardriving antifa rioters, letting them associate with mobile honeypots to access internet” so they could “look at their traffic.” Included in the tweet was a network diagram that outlined what the poster purported […]