Neo-Nazi Navy Doc Joseph Cihlar Joins Beacon Health Alliance in Hixson, Tennessee

Following the release of thousands of messages from neo-Nazi Discord chat rooms by Unicorn Riot, scores of white nationalists scrambled to cover up their dirty little secrets. One of those white nationalists went by the alias “DocCLAR.” Even though DocCLAR was easily identified following the leak, this news did not receive the attention it deserved. […]

Doxing the Doxer: Neo-Nazi Active Duty Army Soldier Vince Salvadalena Doxed Antifacists After Charlottesville

Five days after neo-Nazi James Fields drove his car into a crowd of antifascist and civil rights marchers in Charlottesville, killing one and injuring nineteen, a neo-Nazi University of Nebraska student named Dan Kleves set up a Discord server called “Pony Power,” the purpose of which was to gather information on antifascist activists and “dox” […]